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BBB24: 11th elimination takes place this Tuesday (5); see who can leave

One more person will leave the cast of Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​2024 this Tuesday (5). Alane, Davi and Michel are in the spotlight and are competing for the public's preference to continue on the reality show.

The survey launched by CNN points out, at 8 am, the departure of Michel, with the highest percentage of votes. The brother has 74%. Davi has 23% of the votes and Alane, with 2%. The votes are for who should leave the program.

The last eliminated was Rodriguinho, who received 78.23% of the votes. He came out last Tuesday (27) at Paredão against Fernanda and Lucas.

See how the 11th Paredão was formed

Walled by Big Fone: Davi answered the phone this Sunday afternoon, which put him straight at Paredão.

Angel's Choice: Pitel immunizes Fernanda.

Leader Indication: Lucas Buda chooses to indicate Michel.

“Twin Power”: Pitel acquired the Joker Power of the week and had the right to vote twice in the confessional. She chose to give two votes to Alane.

House vote: Alane she received the most votes in the house with six votes and is also on Paredão. Check who voted for who:

  • Davi voted for Yasmin Brunet;
  • Giovanna voted for Alane ;
  • Alane voted for Yasmin Brunet;
  • Michel voted for MC Bin Laden;
  • Fernanda voted for Alane ;
  • Matteus voted for Yasmin Brunet;
  • Raquel voted for MC Bin Laden;
  • Isabelle voted for MC Bin Laden;
  • Yasmin Brunet voted for Alane ;
  • Beatriz voted for MC Bin Laden;
  • Leidy voted for MC Bin Laden;
  • MC Bin Laden voted for Alane ;
  • Pitel voted for Alane (two votes).

Counterattack by the Leader's nominee: Davi chooses to pull Yasmin Brunet, and explains that he doesn't see the model's movement in the game and calls her a “useless player”.

Round and round test

Source: CNN Brasil

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