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BBB24: check out Davi's report in the confessional that led to expulsion

This Saturday (2), BBB24 brought details about the Wanessa's disqualification . Today's program showed the moment when Davi goes to Confessionário and claims that he was attacked by the singer.

On this Saturday's live program, Tadeu Schmidt announced to the public about the singer's expulsion. “Big Brother Brasil analyzed the images and called Davi to the confessional. He confirmed that he felt attacked by Wanessa. Following the rules of the program, Wanessa was disqualified.”

“I was sleeping in the room, Wanessa Camargo came in dancing, jumping, turning the light on and off. She saw that I was in the room and still she continued. Then she saw that I was sleeping in bed and slapped me on the leg and apologized,” he said.

“I felt invaded at the time… I believe this is a lack of respect… If it were me, I believe it would have been an attack”, said Davi about Wanessa's attitude, who continued: “I felt attacked and provoked. I felt like she was doing it to provoke. Because of this slap, I want her to be kicked out of the program.”

Later, Wanessa Camargo was informed about the decision to produce the reality show. At the moment, the singer burst into tears and left the program through the confessional. The two maintained a declared rivalry on the program.

See the moment:

Source: CNN Brasil

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