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BBB24: Davi receives 'attention' from the program's production after widespread fight

Big Boss caught Davi's attention during a general fight after the “Sincere” this Monday (04). In this ocasion, Leidy and David They exchanged insults and the program's production team issued a warning to the brother.

“Camera, grab it. Take her there. Time to get to work there, oh. Talking like shit”, said Davi during the discussion. “She doesn’t appear in the game and wants to appear now,” he continued.

Leidy, in turn, retorts to his brother's provocation: “Go take the ass and go to the c******'s house”, cursed Leidy. “Look at the camera there, look,” says Davi. “Did I attack you? Go to the confessional so I can be expelled. Go on, love, you can only eliminate it like that”, accuses the trancista, referring to the expulsion of Wanessa Camargo.

The sister continued to complain about the Bahian, when the production team issued a message. “The camera is Big Brother’s decision, not the game’s. Davi must not interfere where the camera should show. If you speak again, you will be punished.”

See the moment:

This week, Alane, Davi and Michel compete for the 11th wall of the reality show. In this Sunday's vote (03), leader Lucas nominated Michel. Davi was already at Paredão because he responded to Big Fone who sent someone straight to the hot seat. Alane, in turn, was the most voted in the house with six votes.

Blocked by Big Fone, the Bahian had the right to counterattack and take another hit against Paredão. He chose Yasmin Brunet to face staying on the reality show, but the model was saved in the Bate e Volta test.

Vote below: who should go out between Alane, Davi and Michel?

Source: CNN Brasil

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