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BBB 24: Web rescues Wanessa's lines and creates theory about expulsion

Wanessa Camargo was expelled from BBB 24 last Saturday (2), following a report of aggression made by David . However, some internet users considered the possibility that the singer's departure was orchestrated by the program's production team, in order to preserve what was left of her image.

In a rescued video, the participant spoke to Yasmin Brunet through some “codes”, citing a supposed agreement with the reality show’s management.

At the time, Wanessa told the model that there was something she couldn't tell her. “Stop doing that, telling people things you can’t tell. There’s no way to understand”, countered Yasmin.

“I spoke to the beyond… I said that if they wanted take me out of the program It would be easier, just say 'gosh'”, said the singer. “You have to stop doing your things, it will happen when it has to happen”, replied Luiza Brunet's daughter.

“Don’t you talk to the universe?” asked the artist. “I talk. But it's the dynamics. If you weren’t,” stated Yasmin.

“I'm saying that if they want to take me away… leave it alone”, Wanessa stopped explaining. Afterwards, the model said she understood what the singer was referring to and the two chose to close the matter.

Source: CNN Brasil

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