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“Dune 2”: Tim Blake Nelson reveals that all his scenes were cut

Despite looking forward to the premiere of “Dune: Part 2” , Tim Blake Nelson he regretted not appearing in any scene in the film. The actor was listed as part of the cast, but his character was kept secret.

Many speculated that the artist would play Count Fenring close advisor to the Emperor Shaddam (Christopher Walken).

However, with the film's release in theaters, Nelson realized that he would not actually appear in the second part of the story.

“I had a lot of fun filming it. And then he [Denis Villeneuve ] he had to cut it because he thought the film was too long. And I’m heartbroken about it, but there are no hard feelings,” he assured the MovieWeb.

When asked what role he played, Tim Blake Nelson preferred not to answer: “I don't think I have the freedom to say what the scene was. I leave that to Denis if he wants to talk about it.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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