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BBB24: Davi says he complained about Wanessa's attitude to production

David revealed the Matthew It is Isabelle , in the early hours of this Saturday (2), who complained to the production about Wanessa's attitude in the Fada room during the party. According to the brother, the singer slapped his leg while he slept.

“She saw that I was lying down. There are four beds in that room, did she come and knock on my bed? Furthermore, being provocative is a lack of respect. I was sleeping, man. I even lost sleep,” she said.

“Then when you are in your moment of peace, it has to happen. Something has to happen, get you out of it. This won’t be free,” she said.

Asked by his fellow confinement officer about what the production team said, Davi replied: “I’ll analyze it. I already passed it on to them. I'm full of hate here. (…) It’s not free. I’m not an idiot.”

See the moment mentioned by David.

Source: CNN Brasil

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