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BBB24: Participants argue in the confessional line

This Sunday morning (03), the participants of Big Brother Brasil 2024 had a disagreement. Some of the reality show's contestants even got into an argument during the queue for the X-Ray – the program's confessional.

Because she had been awake longer, Alane asked to go ahead, even though she wasn't in line. The dancer, Davi and Beatriz were awake before the Wake Up Call was activated and wanted to do the dynamics first.

Upon arriving in line, Alane told the participants that she was in the room first and that it's always fair for the one who was agreed to go first to the X-ray. “I told him [Davi] go ahead of me, because he was already awake before,” he said.

Michel replied and said he would go first, because he was already awake at 4am.

Alane even complained about Pitel, “I've been awake for a while and I'm going to stay there at the door [do confessionário], because Pitel woke up just now and ran. Could it be?”

After being reprimanded by other participants, Alane got angry and left the room: “Ah, then you guys sort it out.”

Michel agreed to Alane's request, but the discussion resulted in a conversation in the leader's room.

Lucas told what happened to Yasmin Brunet, who did not agree with the participant's arguments. “It’s not agreed, it’s a queue”, said Yasmin.

Source: CNN Brasil

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