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BBB24: Pitel jokes with Lucas and says: “Do you have somewhere else to go back to?”

During a conversation in the BBB 24 Leader's Room, Pitel, Lucas Henrique, Giovanna It is Raquel They commented on what it must be like to return home after being on the reality show. In the chat, Pitel joked and mentioned the name of Lucas's wife, Camila Moura .

“It’s going to be crazy to get home”, comments the capoeira teacher. “Knowing that I have a home, knowing that I have somewhere to go back to…”, replies the woman from Alagoas. “Really?” asks Lucas. “I don't know. I don’t know if Camila has already changed the locks”, replies Pitel, jokingly. “If she changed the passwords…”, adds Lucas.

“Then you are on the street. Do you have another place to go back to?” asks the sister. “Really: if your wife changes the locks on your house, where will you go?” she insists. Lucas then remains silent. “Whatnot. I don’t know,” he replies.

During the program, Lucas even flirted with Pitel and when faced with the scene outside the house, Camila even suggested that the relationship between the two had ended.

In this month, Lucas Henrique was surprised by the absence of the woman in the Angel's message . Camila Moura, who has already stated on social media that she intends to file for divorce, had confirmed on Saturday (9) that she would not record the video for her husband.

Raquel then enters the conversation and asks what Pitel was saying, and she explains: “I asked, if by chance, since she didn't appear in Anjo's video, Camila had already changed the door passwords, if he has where to go”. “He goes to his master’s house to receive some advice”, reinforces Pitel.

Source: CNN Brasil

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