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Ministry of Health says it has reserved R$1.5 billion for emergencies due to dengue fever

The Ministry of Health reported this Monday (18) that it has reserved R$1.5 billion to help states and municipalities in emergency situations due to dengue.

To date, nine states, the Federal District and 288 municipalities have declared an emergency due to the disease.

In this condition, local governments become more agile in allocating financial resources.

In practice, they are freed from the usual bidding procedures. This can facilitate, for example, the process of purchasing inputs and medicines.

According to the Ministry of Health, 181 municipalities and 5 states have already been served this year, totaling R$56.5 million in transfers.

“It is worth highlighting that another R$256 million was allocated to all states and municipalities for financial support for contingency actions for surveillance and prevention of arboviruses”, he added in a note.

Also according to the ministry, the ministry has coordinated a national effort to expand access to dengue vaccines, together with the Butantan Institute and Fiocruz.


From January until now, 1,648,781 probable cases of dengue fever have been recorded throughout Brazil. According to the Ministry of Health, 513 people died from the disease and another 903 deaths are under investigation.

Source: CNN Brasil

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