BBC star left stripper pregnant and…disappeared – DNA ‘burned’ him, but pays nothing, not alimony

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A star of it BBC she left pregnant a stripperafter a brief six-month relationship and then cut off all contact with her, forcing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement so his name would not be revealed.

In particular, the woman who claims to have given birth to the child of a famous presenter spoke to and told her story, but without being able to tell many details, or “photograph” her ex-lover.

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According to her, they met in the area where she worked, when he saw him sitting inside a shop. Then he walked in and asked her to sign one of his famous lines on her chest. He also accepted he asked for her phone number, while he called her the next day to meet.


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At the same time, he stated that “I have never been able to prove the opposite, but I believe that the man who was with him when he took the test was a relative and that he helped him cheat the result.”

So this resulted in her being forced to sign a confidentiality statementwhere among others her little girl is forbidden to contact him until she turns 16. Nevertheless, from that age onwards, she can do whatever she wants and claim communication with him, according to what the woman reported to the British Media.

Source: News Beast

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