“Mars One” brings practical and symbolic advancement to racial diversity, says director

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“Mars Um” will be the film from Brazil that will compete for an Oscar nomination – the main award in cinema.

In an interview with CNN Radio on CNN No Plural, the director and screenwriter of the feature, Gabriel Martins, stated that the film brings “symbolic and practical achievements” for racial diversity.

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“Symbolic, it has great repercussion, coming close to the biggest prize in world cinema and also brings the story of a black family.”

He also highlights that there is something practical allied to this: “We have a team of black people, with a black director, a production company with black partners, working with cinema.”

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For the director, “it doesn’t matter if there are black actors appearing on screens, if behind it there is no diversity and we are not making space.”

Gabriel stated that he “never expected the repercussions”, since, as it is an independent film, “we don’t always have visibility.”

He also highlights that “there is constantly a need to rebuild a pride of our black and peripheral community, which seems to have that pride stolen by the unfair way we are treated.”

“In the film, we try to think of a different future, with a black family in a positive place,” he added.

The 2023 Oscar nominees will be revealed on January 24 next year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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