Beauty beyond preconceptions: hair style, nail polish, gloss and eyeliner become non-binary

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We saw them side by side on the red carpet of the recently concluded Rome Film Fest in all their wonderful fluidity. Sangiovanni and Madame they are among the most prominent Italian singers of the moment in our musical panorama, proud members of Gen Z and bearers of important messages that start, in their case, right above the tip of the head. Both from Vicenza, both with the same hairstyle, that bob moved to touch the shoulders that is very reminiscent of the iconic one of Ambra Angiolini of the times of It is not Rai and that now relives the golden times also for revival beauty of the 90s.

Ambra Angiolini a It is not Rai

For him, for her, a lot for her. At least until recently when beauty proposed homologated beauty standards, showing only one side of the coin and an often stereotyped vision. Now, however, the situation is changing, we know it and we see it. The freedom to feel yourself, regardless of gender, sex or ethnicity, showing your characteristics with pride, as it should be, is there for all to see and bounces from social networks to reality, and vice versa.


And so Sangiovanni and Madame seem to mirror their Nineties cut, effortless chic that looks to Ambra at the beginning of her career: «Let’s start by saying that this carré, which in the 90s represented a point of reference for many very young girls, is now copied without distinction of gender. It is presented in a new version: its triangularity is interrupted by small scaling angles on the perimeter areas, it is often accompanied by a triangular fringe with strong references of French taste. It is no coincidence that today not only singers such as Sangiovanni, Madame and, even more so, Greta Ferro and all the muses of Saint Laurent reinterpret it in a certainly much more contemporary version that requires less crisp and defined waves to leave room for a hair that is moves with extreme freedom. A hairstyle freer from patterns and geometric structures “, explains Vincenzo Panico, Sebastian Professional Artistic Director.

Even the pink color, which has been furious and furious for years on social media in 50 shades and in every area, he no longer associates himself only with women and flaunts on the head as it pleases. This is demonstrated by the actor and model Evan Mock, protagonist of the reboot of Gossip Girl, famous for his own buzzcut candy pink.

Evan Mock. Foto Getty

Jeff Kravitz


Not just hair. We have to do a reset mental because everything that was considered until a few years ago only for girls in 2021 it is non-binary. Beauty 4.0 campaigns propose the image of boundless beauty. What starts from nail polish and manicure. As the Abiby website points out, talent scout of must-have products in the beauty world and Italian leader in the subscription beauty box sector who dedicates October to this new way of understanding beauty, if in the seventies, in the male world, nail polish and nail art were the prerogative of the most rebellious artists, today they are become a way to express one’s personality without distinction of gender and without limitations, a trend that is overcoming all preconceptions and is giving life to new forms of art. In Italy, among others, champions of Manicure I’m Sangiovanni again, at the forefront of the war on labels, e Fedez who often sports nail art and launched her own nail polish line for Layla, helping to break down walls of toxic masculinity.

Saint John. Getty photo

Mondadori Portfolio


Also according to Abiby, even make-up, in all facets of the term, should not be subject to limitation of gender or ethnicity, but to become a means of expression to tell about oneself and one’s style without distinction. In the last period, this beauty trend has made its way more and more clearing the use of makeup, from foundation to lipstick, even among men, and presenting an ever greater variety of tints and colors. The K-Pop phenomenon of BTS, for example, it has cleared the use of glosses and lip tints even outside the female universe.

Junjkook from BTS. Getty photo

The Chosunilbo JNS

While the victory of the Maneskin at Eurovision it helped to break down another piece in gender stereotypes by doing grow Google searches for eyeliner for men 70%. Theirs smokey eye, following in the wake of the glam rockers of the ’70s and’ 80s, has definitely left its mark.

Damiano dei Maneskin. Getty photo

Anton Novoderezhkin


Even skincare is increasingly gender neutral: when it comes to skin care products it is crucial to be concerned about skin type, age and needs rather than gender. Brands well ahead of their time, such as Aēsop (vegan, cruelty free and gender neutral since 1987) offer their customers lines of products that range from cleansers and exfoliants to creams, serums, body care products and shampoos that do not distinctions.

After having conquered with the make-up line, Rihanna launched the gender inclusive skincare line Fenty Skin which has become an inclusive manifesto, dedicated to everyone’s needs, without distinction. And more and more are the brands non-binary oriented while famous men are no longer afraid of showing themselves on Instagram struggling with beauty treatments and face masks, perhaps made with their better half for a relaxing break in the square.

In the gallery of make-up and hairstyle products that find space in any beauty case, without distinction of any kind


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