Kebhouze is here, the kebab chain by Gianluca Vacchi

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The first 5 openings of Kebhouze, the new kebab chain by Gianluca Vacchi, the entrepreneur with over 41 million followers between Instagram and TikTok. Five openings at the same time, three in Milan (Corso Buenos Aires, Via Paolo Sarpi and Porta Genova) and two in Rome (inside the Euroma2 Shopping Center and Via Ostiense) which, however, are only the beginning of a great project: another 20 openings already scheduled for 2022 throughout Italy and abroad.

The Bolognese entrepreneur generously invested in the idea of ​​a group of young guys: “When they described the project to me, I immediately grasped the enormous potential of the format: in 2021 it is very difficult to have such an innovative idea in a sector as mature as that of food, ”he said. But what is the innovation of kebab, one of the most consolidated foreign take away food (Turkish to be exact) in Italy? We will find out by trying Kebhouze’s first kebab, which will offer customers two different versions of kebabs, 100% Italian chicken and black angus.

The menu, between Turkey and America (but with Italian products)

On the menu, in addition to the classic «doner kebab», in the rolled pita bread, there will also be burgers in kebabs, caesar salad, as well as fried as i nuggets, chicken popcorn, onion rings and french fries. In short, a meeting between Turkey and America on Italian soil and with attention to the product which – says Vacchi: «I asked for it to be of the highest quality». As for the packaging it is eco-friendly, including the natural waters in Kebhouze branded tetrapack, the meat companies chosen as suppliers are Italian and the local producers, including those of craft beers, who will be present in the Kebhouze brand stores.

Keb, the puppet “partner”

The Bolognese entrepreneur made the announcement of the birth of the new brand, in his own way: in recent days Keb appeared in his villa in Bologna, a mysterious costumed character over 2 meters tall with a large head in the shape of a kebab on which a golden crown rests. In a video on Vacchi’s social channels, the entrepreneur captures the moment of tasting the first kebab of his life, which gave rise to the desire to found a food chain together with this scary mascot. In the following video Gianluca Vacchi and Keb sign the constitution of the company under the eyes of a notary.

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