Because Thriasio is a pole of attraction for logistics investments

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By Eleni Botas

Thriasio has been known as a “field of brilliant glory” in recent years, where demand “jumped” with the construction of the Attiki Odos, as access to the area was significantly facilitated, more than any other point in the Attica basin.

The wider area also benefits from the combination of easy connection with the Athens – Corinth National Road, NATO Avenue and the rest of the National Road Network.

A development of key importance for the companies of the wider area was the approval of the development of a Business Park in Aspropyrgos. The procedures for the creation of the business park opened with the signing of Joint Ministerial Decisions in July 2019.

In particular, with the specific JMC, the development of the Business Park was approved, with an area of ​​approximately 2,061.82 acres.

According to the JMC, the Business Park to be developed is in line with the directions of national-level spatial planning for industry, which recognizes the region of West Attica as the strongest element of the processing base of the metropolitan area of ​​Athens, points to the strengthening of the role of the Thriasian field and emphasizes the immediate need to organize the existing mergers.

Today, the industrial zone of Thriasio is characterized by a large number of industries and handicrafts, located along and on both sides of NATO Avenue and Attiki Odos, while the demand recorded for the purchase of plots in the area is high.

It is indicative that according to a recent research, from the areas that gather the lion’s share in the new developments, the Thriasio Pedio comes first in contrast to Elefsina and Metamorfosi where the majority of the building stock is quite old.

As real estate market executives point out today, each new logistics area of ​​more than 20,000 sq.m. can be rented immediately as there is accumulated demand and non-existent supply.

Under these data, Thriasio gathers 68% of the demand for leased logistics space, with the result that it is estimated that in 2020 new spaces of 100,000 sq.m. were added, while another 100,000 sq.m. will be installed. storage areas.

Today, the warehouses in Thriasio, attract large investments of Greek and foreign groups, while in terms of prices, the cost of purchasing land in the area has doubled in the last two years and now moves close to 120 euros per square meter from about 60 euros per sq.m. which was a few years ago.

Prodea is already completing the construction of two new buildings in Aspropyrgos. These are properties with a total area of ​​23,800 sq.m., with the amount of investment amounting to 12.5 million euros, while it has an investment program of 50 million Euros that concerns the logistics sector.

Briq Properties is also completing the construction of 20,276 sq.m. logistics in Aspropyrgos, which will be leased by Infoquest Technologies. The listed company has acquired a total area of ​​over 100 acres in Aspropyrgos, where it is expected to develop an additional 20,000 sq.m. storage facilities.

Trastor is developing logistics of 22,000 sq.m., which will be developed in the area of ​​Aspropyrgos, while another warehouse in the area of ​​Aspropyrgos was acquired by Premia, which continues to invest in quality real estate in the supply chain.


Source From: Capital

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