Bee Shaffer will be a mother: the first baby is coming with Francesco Carrozzini

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Bee Shaffer, daughter of the director of Vogue (America) Anna Wintour and child psychologist David Shaffer, is about to become a mother. As it reveals Page Six, she is pregnant with hers first child, fruit of love with her husband Francesco Carrozzini, 38, son of Franca Sozzani, iconic director of Vogue Italy disappeared at 66 in 2016. Sources close to the couple revealed to the gossip site of the New York Times that Bee and Francesco, now on vacation in Portofino where she was paparazzi with a showy belly, “they are very excited”.

A good news that arrives just close to the third wedding anniversary, celebrated by the future mother with a wedding photo posted on her Instagram profile.

Bee and Francesco they got married in 2018. Twice. On July 7 in Long Island, where they said yes in front of 150 guests, in the reserve of a ceremony kept away from prying eyes, even cell phones were banned. A few days after the second marriage in Portofino, where Franca Sozzani, his mother, is buried. The love between the Carrozzinis, as they affectionately define themselves, broke out in 2016. But the two had known each other long before. The first meeting took place nineteen years ago at his home: “Obviously our mothers knew each other and I invited her with a friend to see Antonioni’s film, Blow-Up. I’ve never seen it before, she was 16 and had braces. Love didn’t leave that time», As Francesco revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair. Then in 2016 they met again on the red carpet of the Met Gala. And since that moment they have never left each other.

Why to unite them, in addition to the common passion for one “Very secluded life”, There are “the important things in life, honesty, values, friendship, being generous“. And now, to unite them even more, it will be the baby on the way.

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