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Beep, “brick” cell phone and floppy disk: see technologies that are pure nostalgia

The first Macintosh turned 40 years old on January 24, 2024. The machine created by Steve Jobs It was one of several that helped the world reach the digital era we currently live in.

Just like this computer, other technological creations also helped to reinvent the ways people relate to each other and the space around them.

Telephone and messaging equipment, music players, devices for storing information, among others. Several creations at the time were huge innovations, but today they are no longer used.

Who remembers the brick cell phone, the beeper, the floppy disk, the three-CD stereo? Well, they made history.

See in the gallery some of these items that, currently, are nothing more than pure nostalgia for those who lived in the times when they were at the height of their uses.

Source: CNN Brasil

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