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Before results are announced, Massa admits defeat to Milei in Argentina

The Minister of Economy and Peronist candidate for the Presidency of Argentina, Sergio Massa (Unión por la Patria), recognizes defeat in the second round of elections before the official results are announced.

During a speech made in his bunker around 8pm on Sunday night (19), Massa stated that he spoke with Javier Milei, candidate for La Libertad Avanza, and wished him luck during his government as president of Argentina.

“Obviously, the results are not what we expected. I communicated with Javier Milei to congratulate him and to wish him luck because he is the president that the majority of Argentines chose for the next four years”, stated the Minister of Economy.

At the time of the Peronist’s statement, the official result of the election had not yet been released by the Argentine electoral authorities.

After a very polarized electoral process, Massa came out in defense of the pacification of the country;

“The most important thing we have to leave to Argentine men and women is the message that coexistence, dialogue and respect for peace in the face of so much violence is the best path we can take,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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