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«Being a rider? It changed my life “

«I started doing the rider for Glovo when I was still studying at the University. I did it for a year, to earn some money and because during the pandemic it was still a way to get around, to go out a bit at a time when there was not much to do ».

Lorenzo Bruno is 22 years old, has just completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, but in reality it is not thanks to his university career that he got his current job: system administrator in a IT consulting and service company.

«I managed to get the contract thanks to the project Courier Trampoline of Glovo which offers opportunities for training and job placement to all collaborators who wish to retrain professionally. At a certain point the proposal to join the course arrived Hackademy from aulab, an Italian Coding Factory specializing in web development lessons. For me it was the turning point: I was studying, but the University offers an academic path that is not at all focused on the world of work and in general there is still too little practice in universities. With this cycle of lessons, which lasted more than 6 months, I instead had the opportunity to understand what the market is really asking for, learning brand new technological systems, which have benefited me in job interviews. It was no coincidence: I finished this Hackademy in January and in March I already had a contract ».

But let’s take a step back: what was it like to do the rider?
«I have to make a premise: I live in Potenza, in Basilicata. It is a mountain city, full of ups and downs and with us the riders move comfortably by car. So – I admit – a luxury. For me it was a more than positive experience: the working hours were flexible, I had a contract in order and I still earned what I needed ».

And, in your opinion, could the rider be a life-long job?
“Yes, too. It depends on a person’s expectations. If you organize yourself, you can still make good money. I have known guys who have been riders for a long time and are happy to do it. With today’s work it is true that I earn a lot more, but before, as a rider, I worked only 4 hours a day, from 6 to 10 pm ».

How is the world of work seen by a very young person like you?
“We guys are confident. The opportunities are there: I have received several offers and all of them have proposed me a regular contract anyway. Of course, there is no doubt that my field, that of information technology, is particularly in vogue: today we cannot ignore technology and the market demand is really very high ».

And so, at 22, is he able to support himself?
“Now I live with my parents, but I will soon be going to live alone. Yes, I have a salary that allows me to do this. Of course I’m in Potenza, probably in Milan, with the cost of living there, I couldn’t… ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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