Belarus: Lukashenko threatens EU with gas cuts if sanctions are imposed

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The warning that the Belarus will respond to any new European sanction addressed today, Thursday (11/11) the president of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, regarding the migration crisis at the border with the Poland, the responsibility for which Brussels attributes to Minsk.

“If new sanctions are imposed on us (…), we must respond,” Lukashenko was quoted as saying by Belarussian news agency Belta. possibility of shutdown of a gas pipeline which crosses Belarus and delivers Russian gas vital to Europeans.

“Europe is warming up and they are still threatening to close our borders. What if we shut down the flow of gas? For this, I would recommend the Polish leadership, Lithuanians and other brainless people to think before they speak“, Said Lukashenko, as reported by APE-MPE.

Belarus: Charges against Brussels for refusing ‘dialogue’

At the same time, the Belarusian Foreign Minister stated that the European Union refuses to discuss the crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus. In an interview with Ria Novosti, Vladimir McKay states that The EU has cut off funding to Minsk since 2020 for the strengthening of border infrastructure and the construction of reception centers for migrants.

In response, Minsk ceased to abide by the agreement with Brussels on the readmission to Belarus of migrants entering the European Union illegally from its territory, he said. “We proposed to the EU to consult on the issue, but we received a refusal. “Since then, we have repeatedly suggested that we start a dialogue on this issue, but we have not received a positive response,” Vladimir Mackay insisted. He also stated that The current immigration crisis is the result of the “reckless policy” of Brussels, which “has invited refugees and stated that they will be welcomed”. He assured that Minsk is in favor of resolving this crisis “as soon as possible”.

The EU accuses the President of Belarus of orchestrating the situation by issuing entry permits on the territory of Belarus to migrants for months, in order to then be taken to the border, to avenge Brussels for imposing sanctions on its regime for the savage repression of the opposition and to try to create the conditions for the destabilization of the Union.

A Le Monde newspaper investigation revealed the routes of migrants receiving tourist visas from the Belarusian embassy in Lebanon and then boarding charter flights from Beirut or Istanbul to Minsk, from where they are transported in an organized manner to the border with Poland. which are also the eastern borders of the European Union.

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