Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Strange, is threatened with a knife in his home

Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Strange, is threatened with a knife in his home

Benedict Cumberbatch recovers from a severe scare. As has been reported, in early May, an attacker armed with a knife broke into the British actor’s house and threatened him and his family.

According to the British press, the assailant is a man identified as Jack Bissell, 35, a former cook at a luxurious hotel in England, who entered the front garden of the actor’s house “armed with a knife and with a very violent”.

According to court documents, during the terrifying incident, the protagonist of Doctor Strange He was with his wife, Sophie Hunter, and their three children. The attacker forced the iron door and shouted: “I know you moved here, I hope your house burns down.” Bissell then uprooted a plant from the garden and threw it against the wall.

He subsequently spat into the property’s intercom and damaged it with a knife. Frightened and watching the scene from inside, the couple locked themselves in with their children and called the police, who arrived minutes after the attacker fled the scene.

However, shortly after the incident, he was arrested due to DNA evidence found on the intercom. Bissell, who did not offer a defense in court, pleaded guilty and was sentenced May 10.

In addition, he was ordered to pay a fine of 250 euros (approximately $266) and was placed under a three-year restraining order that prohibits him from approaching the Cumberbatch-Hunter family or the area where they live.

The court heard that before the attack, the man had bought cakes at a nearby shop, where he told the shopkeeper that he would break into the actor’s house and set it on fire.

It is not clear why exactly he attacked the protagonist of Sherlock, but subject has prior convictions for robbery and drug possession, warnings for property crimes, and disorderly conduct.

So far, neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor his wife have commented on the matter, but a close source told the Daily Mail that the fact that it was a targeted attack makes everything even more terrifying, as well as that the whole family was terrified, because they thought that the attacker would enter their house and hurt them.

Source: Okchicas