Bentley’s first electric car will be a crossover designed by Audi


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Most of the leading automakers are heading towards electrifying their lineup. The British premium brand Bentley does not want to lag behind its competitors either. The first Bentley-branded luxury electric car will hit the road this decade. This was announced by the CEO of the company Adrian Hallmark (Adrian Hallmark).

In an interview with Car Magazine, Adrian Hallmark confirmed that Bentley will launch its first all-electric car by the middle of this decade. And it will not be a sedan, as one might expect, but a crossover.

“If you are not in the SUV class, then you are overboard. 2025 is the right time for us, “said the head of Bentley.

Hallmark did not reveal any details about Bentley’s first electric car, noting only that it will be built on Audi’s Project Artemis platform. This platform will be ready by early 2024 and the Bentley crossover should be one of the first Volkswagen Group vehicles based on it.

“Speaking of our current cars, we had to start designing them after they (the platforms) were built. The difference now is that with Artemis we are from the very beginning. Yes, we are not developing this project, but we are going to benefit from it, ”said Adrian Hallmark.

By the way, last year Bentley announced that it will offer electric versions of all its models by 2023 and by 2026 all cars in the brand’s lineup will be hybrid or all-electric. And the brand promises to fully electrify the entire model range by 2030, becoming a completely carbon-neutral organization.

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