Cyprus: Unbelievable overcrowding and fainting in the Limassol vaccination center


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The inseparable from the morning at the Sports Center “Spyros Kyprianou” where citizens are crowded to get a place for vaccination

According to, the Treasurer of PASYNO, Christos Christodoulou, stated that “we warn about this situation from December 27, that these things will happen. Here are 500-600 people, waiting to be vaccinated in a stadium of 15,000 people in the stands but can not be used and people can sit. There are no loudspeakers and air conditioners, we have been shouting these things to the Chief Minister of Health since the beginning of January

In the past it was in the rain, now in the sun, a while ago some people fainted here, that is, even if you want to be vaccinated, the conditions do not allow it. How can the Minister of Health call on people to be vaccinated, but to have them under these conditions. And the worst? The working nurses bear all the costs “.

A citizen complained that “my wife is in surgery, she is sitting in the chair, we have an appointment for 09:45 but half an hour has already passed and we will probably wait another hour. Lots of trouble, the world under the sun, no coordination. Completely unplanned. “

Another citizen explains that “we had an appointment but there is not a single microphone to shout at the people at least and everyone gathered in front. I do not know what will happen, who will get stuck and who will not “.

“We are 800,000 Cypriots. Why have such a crowd today. We came into the hollow. Where are the protocols observed? Where are the people in charge? Why were they late to get the vaccines? “What are you going to do?”, Said a citizen outside the center.

Asked to comment on the issue with the citizens waiting outside in the heat and the insufficient coverage of the two shelters that were placed, Mr. Tambouris said that an effort is being made to give access inside the indoor stadium of the sports center, while he assured that either today in the afternoon, or at the latest tomorrow morning, two more shelters will be installed.

“It was granted to us by E.F. tents to protect the people a little, the expansion of the center took place last week and under normal conditions, this afternoon or tomorrow morning the next tents will come “, he added.

Finally, he reiterated his call for patience and called on the public to come at the time of his appointment and not too early, in order to avoid similar situations that were observed today.

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