Beyoncé, a middle finger (but precious) for 2020

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Un bel middle finger raised, without the possibility of misunderstanding, aimed at 2020. It is in this way that Beyoncé he wanted to say goodbye to the tragic 12 months we are leaving behind and, in some way, curry favor for a 2021 that even the queen of R&B hopes is better than the year just ended. A middle finger, yes, but a lot stylized. It’s a lot precious.

Queen B, in fact, has chosen a decidedly original gift for friends and family, a superstitious present to greet a bad year as we have not seen for decades.

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These are personalized gold necklaces with a graphic “2020” and covered with diamonds.

The star’s cousin posted the precious and, apparently, welcome gift on Instagram, Angie Beyince“When I opened it, tears came to my eyes because it is both funny and deeply sentimental. 2020 has had its ups and downs, but overall it has been a really strange and difficult year. I hope 2021 is a good year for the whole world ».

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Mom too, Tina Lawson, exhibited her new precious on social media, sharing a selfie while wearing it. Chiosando: “It’s almost over and we’re still here.”

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