Biagio Antonacci: “I compose songs with one child, while I nurse the other”

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Responsibility, awareness, love and respect. It is the words that Biagio Antonacci uses more often presenting his new single, Serious (on Iris / Epic Records /Sony Music Italia), which anticipates the new album, due out later this year, e the tour, which part the November 5th and touches the main Italian sports halls. “Everything revolves around freedom», Reveals the singer-songwriter, 58, who has recently become a fatherr the third time. “Serious is a word that, naked and raw, it doesn’t mean anything, seriousness cannot be quantified. the I linked a content to her: it is an invitation to take the responsibility of sentimentsie appreciate the dignity of other souls, without any kind of dominion or possession“.

That should be the basis of any relationship.
«The co-responsibility of coexistence lies in the meaning of the song. A woman who wants to go to live with a man, but he invites her to really decide, because liking each other and feeling good together in the long run is not enough, there are problems in the relationship. On the other hand, the condition of the most authentic love is respect for the freedom of others “.

Here, in fact: freedom, in his songs, has always been a recurring element. In over thirty years of career, has your way of thinking about freedom changed?
«Growing up you become more aware: as a young man I thought that freedom solved everything, I pursued it. Then I realized that it doesn’t really exist, except within you. But, in fact, there is the awareness that gives you a big hand. In this I feel changed, first as a man than as an artist: awareness of one’s own strength, but also of one’s limits ».

Its limits, what are (or have been)?
«The organization of time. In recent years I have worked a lot, and I did not use my free moments well. I was not aware that those years came only once: for me tomorrow does not exist, what you can do tomorrow is already too late. Indeed, we could say that tomorrow it is you who did something yesterday ».

Do you have the regret of not having experienced something to the full? She recently revealed to us that she lives with guilt.
“The sense of guilt is one of the evils of our existence, it comes from a certain religious education. The mechanism of faith that leads us to think that we are always doing something wrong, but it is permissible to make mistakes because afterwards there will be forgiveness. The consequence is that when you relate to something that is bigger than you, you suffer it: you always feel inadequate. Always suffer the intentions of others, without ever focusing on your world ».

With awareness, have you managed to take some steps forward on this front?
«Although it is very difficult, I have given myself personal limits: what I want to do, I do. Until a while ago, for example, if I was at a dinner I never got up until the end: now if I am tired and I feel useless in that context, I leave. I don’t do things anymore because I have to do them, that’s it. Even if, with great honesty, I still don’t feel free to completely and finally manage my part of awareness ».

Over three decades on stage, the music has changed as well. What do you think?
«Music changes because the generations change. Even when my generation arrived, artists like Venditti, Dalla and De Gregori took us for the new ones. I must say that I am a curious person, I listen to all music, even if it has changed: I don’t try to imitate it, but I evolve, I try to position myself as an intelligent listener, not denying what happens but marrying things that change “.

Do you think that your new paternity has influenced / influences a lot in the production of the new album?
“I do not believe. Of course, when a man is touched by a miracle like fatherhood, everything around him becomes contaminated. But no, Serious it is not born from the fact of becoming a father for the umpteenth time ».

Third, to be exact. How do you live it? Among other things, there is a lot of distance between the first two children, Paolo – author – and Giovanni – rapper -, and the latest arrival, Carlo, just 5 months old.
«The eldest is 26 and co-authored Serious. The greatest gift that life could give me was to allow me to write a song with one child, while nursing the other. Who is still too young to recognize the songs, but the sounds, yes, those remain in your head: if he cries because he is hungry, for example, I go to the piano and he listens to me. That’s the only way to calm him down. ‘

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Source: Vanity Fair

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