Biblical Disasters in Canada: One Dead and Thousands Displaced by Floods and Landslides

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At least one person has been killed in British Columbia Canada where has been affected for two days by torrential rains, which have caused landslides and floods while forced thousands of people to flee their homes, announced today, Wednesday (17/11) the local authorities.

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“The body of a woman was found in a landslide that occurred on Highway 99 near Liluet on Monday morning, with the search continuing today,” said the federal police of Canada. “The total number of missing people and vehicles has not been confirmed,” the authorities said.

On Monday about 7,000 inhabitants of Merritt, 300 miles northeast of Vancouver, were forced to flee their homes, according to the APE-MPE. “We expect that the evacuation order will remain in force for probably more than a week”, the local authorities pointed out yesterday, Tuesday (16/11). “Floods continue to be a significant risk and cause damage,” they said.

Biblical Disasters in Canada: ‘Heart Attack’ on Trains – Many Roads Remain Closed

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At the same time due to the floods All Vancouver Harbor Trains Stopped, said the representative of the port authorities Mati Polychronis.

According to images broadcast by the Canadian media, the rain has stopped but many roads remain closed and cities are still flooded, after up to 250 millimeters of rain fell in the Fraser Valley on Monday.

“In Hope (a town about 100 miles east of Vancouver) 174 millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours on Sunday and 250 millimeters in 48 hours, something that has not been recorded again by the local meteorological station,” he said. Armel Castellan meteorologist at the National Environment Agency of Canada. According to him, in some areas almost 95% of the monthly rainfall was recorded within 24 hours.

About 9,000 people are left without electricity

“I have no doubt that these phenomena are linked to climate change, they are unprecedented in nature,” said Mike Farnworth, British Columbia’s Minister of Public Order, a few months after major wildfires hit the county.

Residents of many cities were forced to flee their homes, including 1,100 residents of Abbotsford, a few dozen miles from Vancouver.

Alongside about 9,000 people remain without electricity, according to BC Hydro.

“We are very concerned about the situation in British Columbia,” said the Prime Minister of Canada. Justin Trinto yesterday. “We will be there with all the resources that British Columbia may need,” he added.

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