Biden: Those who refuse to testify about the Capitol attack should be brought to justice

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A stern message was sent to those who defy the summons to testify before the special committee of the House of Representatives, which is investigating the bloody attack on January 6 in the Washington Capitol, the Joe Biden.

“I hope the committee will move against them, make sure they are accountable”, said Mr. Biden. Asked if he believes that the Ministry of Justice should bring these people to justice, he replied “I believe so, yes”.

The committee plans to vote Tuesday to adopt a report on “contempt” for Congress and “obstruction” of its work by Steve Bannon, a longtime adviser to former Republican President Donald Trump, who made it clear he was not going to testify even though he had been summoned.

The former president, however, called on his former associates not to cooperate in the investigation, citing the government’s privilege to keep certain information confidential. Democrats and lawmakers argue that only the incumbent president enjoys this privilege. The debate on this legal issue may continue in the courts, delaying the work of the special committee.

In any case, if the committee votes in favor of the complaint against Steve Bannon, the issue will be put to a vote in the plenary of the House of Representatives. The Justice Department and its chief, Merrick Garland, will then decide whether to prosecute.

A spokesman for the Justice Department, responding to the US president’s remarks yesterday, told ABC News that it would “make its own decisions independently of any prosecution, based solely on facts and law.”

Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed his building Capitol in the US capital on January 6 in an unsuccessful attempt to reverse his electoral defeat by Biden. Four people were killed and more than a hundred police officers were injured. Four other police officers later committed suicide.

The commission has summoned other Donald Trump’s officials to the presidency., among them former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, former presidency secretary-general (“chief of staff”) Mark Mendous, Dan Scavino’s deputy and former Secretary of Defense Cass Patel.

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