Biden Time and ’27’ of the European Union – The crucial EU-NATO Summits and the positions of K. Mitsotakis

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Of Dimitris Gatsiou

With the elephant in the room the spiral of energy precision and the geopolitical and economic consequences of the Russian invasion forming the canvas of the challenges that rise in the skies of Europe, the “27” leaders of the Union and the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, they are meeting today in Brussels.

As expected, the developments on the Ukrainian front, the sanctions against Moscow, but also the responses to the waves of price increases in goods form the framework of internal processes and discussions in the heart of the European Union, with the NATO Summit and the work of the Council of Leaders, which will follow in the agenda, to draw common lines, but also the well-known differences of the southern countries with the “frugal” Member States on the major issue of the overall response to the energy crisis.

The possibility of… white smoke on the front of a toolbox, which will put embankments in the… energy rally, which is directly reflected in the daily lives of millions of Europeans, does not have much chance, the “27” can agree on the joint supply of gas, liquefied gas and liquefied petroleum gas hydrogen, in view of the next winter season and any decisions on further measures may be postponed to the next Sessions, with what this implies, of course, for the budget of households and businesses in a period of liquidity on the world stage.

The Prime Minister arrived in Brussels last night, with the first stop of his presence in the Belgian capital being the meeting with the President of the European People’s Party, Donald Tusk, with whom he discussed the developments in Ukraine and the energy issues.

The… main menu, however, starts this morning. With the curtain on the NATO Summit. According to government officials, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will reiterate our country’s support for Ukraine (support which was expressed in practice from the first moment with the Greek assistance in humanitarian and defense material) but also the support, without asterisks, in the sanctions against it. Russia “as required by allied and European solidarity”. From the headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance, at the same time, the Prime Minister:

– It will highlight the government’s unwavering support for international law, in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but also in the right of Kiev to exercise its right to self-defense against the Russian invasion.

– It will stand, with a view to the new conditions that are being formed for the European security architecture and therefore for NATO, in the dimension of the cooperation of the Alliance with the European Union.

– He will talk about the importance of the European strategic autonomy which, as the Greek capital emphasizes, is becoming more relevant than ever, as the strengthening of the European security pillar will work in addition to NATO.

The unity of the Alliance in the face of the Russian invasion and the new challenges it poses for the security of NATO and, above all, for its Eastern wing, is expected to be repeated by the leaders in the Joint Declaration that they will adopt.

Today’s discussions will, after all, pose the main stake for the Alliance’s defense, in view of the overall discussion on its strategic doctrine that will take place at the June Summit in Madrid.

The “date” of 27

The European Council meeting, which will be followed by a Biden meeting at the beginning of the meeting, is expected to be dominated by discussions on developments in Ukraine, the implementation of sanctions against Russia and further humanitarian and economic assistance. in Kyiv, aiming to send a strong message of support to the 27.

Major energy issues are expected to concern leaders at Friday’s meeting. And on this issue, Mr. Mitsotakis:

– It will reiterate its proposals on the issue of revaluations that require a European solution, in parallel with the measures taken at national level.

– On the issue of gradual decoupling from Russian energy sources and security of energy supply, will support the Commission’s proposal for joint storage and supply of gas, with government officials recalling a proposal submitted by the Prime Minister to the European Council in the autumn .

The Greek proposal to control the wholesale price of gas is already on the agenda of the talks, with Athens co-operating with Rome, Madrid, Lisbon and Brussels.

And the focus is on the… terrain of the Nordic countries and whether they will want to… take the time to make specific support decisions. The report of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, from the podium of the Parliament, was not accidental at all.

“As I have said many times, politics must act to stop international speculation from betting on war. And for the market to return to its true role, which is to set prices based on the rules of supply and demand.

Prices, yes, under certain conditions can be put under temporary control. Because they ultimately concern the citizens and not the companies. While the latter have an obligation to deposit a share of their current profits to remove this unrest.

“And all this has a place in a single European plan, which combines immediate initiatives with more medium-term, long-term energy independence from Russia, but also the development of a green economy,” he said.

“I certainly do not have illusions about the speed of European processes and I recognize the very big, huge technical obstacles that this effort faces. I remind you that it is enough for a country to disagree with the European Council not to implement any bold proposal that may have been suggested the remaining 26.

But I also do not forget that finally our proposal for the Recovery Fund was accepted, but it took four months of intensive fermentation at European level to reach this point, noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Source: Capital

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