Biden’s popularity “wrecked”: It fell to the lowest level since the beginning of his presidency

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The president of America sees his popularity falling Joe Biden as her percentage is close to its lowest level since the beginning of his presidency.

This week and amid criticism from Republicans over classified documents found at his residence in recent months, according to a new poll of Reuters/Ipsos, Biden’s approval rating fell to 40%.

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The three-day national poll, which ended on Sunday, showed 40% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as president, up from 39% a month ago in another Reuters/Ipsos poll. .

“There is a general popular dissatisfaction with the leadership”

The current poll, as reported by the Athens News Agency, still shows that there is a general popular dissatisfaction with the leadership.

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Just 20% of respondents said they approved of Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican elected official.

35% of respondents answered that they have a positive view of the House of Representatives and 38% of the US Senate.

The poll collected responses from 1,035 adults.

Biden entered 2023 boosted by surprise positive electoral results for Democrats in the midterm elections.

The rate of inflation in USA is also down and the Republican Party appears disorganized after days of having to elect a speaker in the House of Representatives.

However, the latest poll numbers show that these factors have probably not had a positive impact on the president’s public image as he looks set to run for the presidency again in 2024.

Biden, 80, is expected to announce his candidacy, possibly as soon as next month, after his February 7 State of the Nation address, imgs told Reuters.

Source: News Beast

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