“Big Brother Vip 5”: Alda D’Eusanio expelled after the (very serious) accusation against Laura Pausini

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It is well known that television programs focus on over-the-top characters to make an audience. That, very often, they decide to take a step back and send the character back where he came from if he is stained with slips that the program should have calculated and, therefore, predicted, too. It happens that the Big Brother Vip, stable in the ratings but in crisis of arguments, has decided to compete Alda D’Eusanio one month before the final in order to liven up the dynamics inside the House; it happens that the lady, who especially in recent years has shown not to have too much hair on the tongue, was the protagonist of two controversial episodes: the use of the word “ne ** o” which, unlike what happened to Fausto Leali, earned her a recall and nothing more, and the accusation, very serious, addressed to Laura Pausini which, according to D’Eusanio, would be “tanned by her companion in a way that you cannot even imagine”.

“He is a guitarist who stays with her and they also have a daughter together. It looks like the ugly crocchi “ Alda told her companions before Laura Pausini and her husband Paolo Carta intervened: «We find it absurd that it is allowed to say such false and serious things in the public sphere and in this case of a television broadcast. No one can afford to attribute to us things that are light years away from our way of living, educating and relating to our family. It is a very serious and senseless thing and we can do nothing but rely on justice, to protect ourselves. The proceeds of the complaint will be donated entirely to associations against violence against women “said Laura and Paolo before Mediaset decided on the inevitable: expel D’Eusanio not even a week after entering the House.

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«The publisher completely disassociates himself from the repeated inappropriate and offensive statements of the competitor, also referring to people not present in the House. A serious and unforgivable behavior, especially in the light of the fact that Alda D’Eusanio is not a foreign competitor in the world of TV, but an adult and expert professional to whom certain expressions cannot escape ”Mediaset specifies in a press release. The question, however, arises spontaneously: Was D’Eusanio not contacted precisely to create confusion? Is it possible that no one, at the time of signing the contract, posed the problem upstream rather than after the bomb exploded? The line of the “uncomfortable” guest that, however, the productions decide to involve in the same way with the hope of making the controversy mount is getting out of hand a bit at all: think of the social indignation on Vittorio Feltri who, in a speech by Palombelli, said that he would like an executive led by Hitler; and let’s think, even further back, of the video message that Fabrizio Corona sent to Riccardo Fogli to let him know that he had been betrayed and that led to the dismissal of the project manager and other authors of theIsland of the Famous. Is it possible that all this has simply gotten out of hand? The answer, the real one, will probably never be.

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