Big Brother Vip 7, 5 positive competitors: is isolation a joke?

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At the outbreak of the pandemic, we were all a bit convinced that the safest place in Italy at that time was the Casa del Big Brother Vip, which would have allowed competitors to continue to remain isolated and protected from the virus given the total absence of contact with the outside world. For better or for worse, the Big Brother Vip for a long time it represented an unbreakable bubble to scrupulously observe the quarantine, and it is for this reason that it is somewhat reflective that, after two years, that same house is today the subject of an outbreak. It happened on November 12th, when Patrizia Rossetti, Charlie Gnocchi, Luca Onestini and Attilio Romita tested positive at Covid forcing production to cancel televoting and to isolate competitors by keeping others under control.

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Meanwhile, a few hours later, it turned out that Pamela Prati was also positive, who left the house on Thursday 10 November hugging and kissing everyone in the studio, from the conductor Alfonso Signorini to the columnist Sonia Bruganelli. The question, at this point, is very simple: how did it happen that the virus entered a house that was apparently armored and protected from the outside? Some think that the “fault” lies with Luca Onestini, one of the last to cross the threshold of the Red Door, but it cannot be, given that the health protocol prepared by Mediaset and Endemol requires compliance with a very strict quarantine precisely to maintain competitors already inside the House are safe. The cases, therefore, seem to be two: or there was some problem in the preventive isolation of the new Vipponsor the House of Big Brother Vip it is not as armored as we might think.

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In fact, the management of the workers who gravitate around the House and which range from the photographers hidden behind the walls to the authors who do not understand whether they have direct interactions with the competitors in the confessional or not is very nebulous. A discourse that also applies to the psychologist who would follow the Vippos to help them manage the crises dictated by isolation. At this point, however, an answer would be needed: how is it possible that the virus entered the Big Brother Vip?


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