Billi Eilish revealed that she would “rather die” than NOT start a family

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Choosing to be or not to be a mother is a question that is still, in these times, judged a lot, because it is enough to see how the stars of the show are questioned about whether they will have children and when they plan to have them. Some responses are so controversial that they cause headlines to ignite.

Singer Billie Eilish was one of the celebrities who, in an interview she gave for Vanity Fair In January 2021, she revealed that she wants to have children and be a grandmother. Although her response is not from another world, more than one was amazed by the fact that such a young woman with great success, at her young age, since she is barely 20 years old, thinks of starting a family.

Billie Elish

Recently in an interview for Sunday Times, Billie, 20, reinforced her position and declared that she is very interested in having children in the future. In fact, her desire to be her mother is so fervent that she said she “rathers die” than not have a family of her own. However, the singer has her reservations about raising her children, since, according to her, she fears the idea of ​​not being heard in a confrontation.

billie elish reflection

The older I get, the more I experiment things and just think ‘Ugh, what am I going to do when my son thinks this is the right thing to do?’ and he won’t listen to me if I tell him he isn’t.

Additionally, she reflected on her own childhood and spoke of her debilitating separation anxiety, recalling that she didn’t want to be away from her parents at all. In fact, her anxiety reached such a degree that she ended up sharing a bed with her parents and older brother until she was 11 years old. It is normal that Billie does not want her children to have the same fear as her, but we are sure that she will be a great mother.

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