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Billie Eilish says goodbye to blonde hair and surprised again with a change of look

In addition to her incredible voice and ability to write songs, Billie Eilish stands out from other artists because of her hair, because since she began her career, we have seen her with silver, blue, black and green tints. However, earlier this year, the singer surprised us when she said goodbye to her characteristic bold colors in her hair and welcomed a classic platinum blonde, which she showed on her cover of Vogue and with which he dazzled at the Met Gala in September.

But apparently, the singer was not entirely comfortable with this and a few days ago she surprised us again with a change of look, although this time with a very discreet tone that looks incredible.

“They miss me?”

Now Billie wears her hair in a supernatural and beautiful dark brown tone that highlights her complexion and the color of her eyes very well. The singer revealed her new image in a photo she posted on Instagram with the caption: “Do you miss me?”

Often times, celebrity makeovers are an indication of new projects, so is a new Billie album coming in 2022?

Apparently, she is very happy with the result, since a few hours later she published another photo showing her new look, with the legend “YO”.

What do you think of this change? We love it, although on second thought, there really isn’t a hair color that hasn’t looked good on the beautiful singer.

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