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“Bionics”: science fiction with Bruno Gagliasso and Klebber Toledo gets trailer

The new Brazilian science fiction film, “Bionics” the trailer was released this Wednesday (15). Watch below. The title enters the Netflix catalog on May 29th.

The plot takes place in a dystopian future, where the world is transformed by technology and bionic prosthetics are the new frontiers of society, and follows the dispute between two sisters in the long jump.

Maria resents the new reality of sport and the situation becomes even more complex when her younger sister, Gabi, gains the spotlight as a bionic athlete, receiving all the attention and glory for herself. Driven by her ambition and rivalry with her sister, she finds herself involved in a maze of moral dilemmas, adrenaline and lots of action.

The production is led by Jessica Cores , Bruno Gagliasso It is Gabz and counts names like Christian Malheiros , Danton Mello , Klebber Toledo It is Paulo Vilhena in the cast. The direction is Afonso Pyart known for his work on “Omens of a Crime” (2015) and “Aldo – Stronger Than the World” (2016).

Watch the trailer

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Source: CNN Brasil

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