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Birth list: what to put? All the essential products

What to give to a waiting family? What to get as a gift for a baby on the way? There birth list is the answer to all doubts regarding gifts for children newborns.

A custom imported from the United States, indispensable in the famous baby showers, this practice is now good practice in Italy too. And not only because it allows you to receive gifts based on your tastes (no more psychedelic music boxes), but it also relieves friends and relatives from hassles and gaffes.

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It might seem easy to make a list for a newborn, but the mistake is always around the corner. The risk (said by those who have experienced it firsthand) is to get caught up in the enthusiasm and find yourself with a baby food set, certainly nice, but useless for the first six months or without everything you need within the expected time frame. Here, then, is some useful advice for compiling the list in the right way.

When to make the birth list

If you choose a virtual option there are none precise times for creating the birth listbut the common advice is to compose this list around the seventh month of pregnancy. In this way there will be plenty of time to receive the gifts, arrange them for the arrival of the newborn and, at the same time, give friends and relatives the opportunity to choose the gift in complete tranquility.

Where to make the birth list

Besides knowing what to include in the birth listit’s good to know where too do it. This option is usually offered by numerous childcare shops, both chains and non-chains, where it is possible to compile a list of the desired products which will then be made available to those who have the pleasure of giving a gift for the newborn.

A valid and decidedly more comfortable option for everyone is offered by Amazon birth listaccessible directly via this link, where you can choose from over 100,000 products dedicated to the little ones. But the reasons for choosing the birth list are truly numerous:

  • possibility to update or change the selection;
  • receive the products directly at home;
  • share the birth list via link;
  • get a free welcome gift by spending at least €20 on baby products on the birth list;
  • 15% discount on eligible items on the list;
  • send virtual thanks;
  • make product returns without problems.

Birth list: what to put

First son? Too many references to choose from? Nebulous ideas among the news dedicated to newborns? Fear of duplicates or similar? Better then to clarify what to put and include in the birth list: from babycare products to unexpected accessories.

The gym

The birth list is the right time to also choose gifts for the future because, in the end, in the first few days, apart from bodysuits and little more, you don’t need much. For us, the gym created following the principles of gentle discipline is indispensable: no sounds, soft colors and a mirror in which to recognize yourself. The little ones will love it from the first few weeks.


True: a towel lying forgotten at home might be enough, but why take away the satisfaction of hugging a little teddy bear after a relaxing bath?! Useful for the entire first year of life and beyond.

The foldable tray

And if we talk about the bath, we must also address the tub issue. This one from Stokke is truly unique and famous and it’s all thanks to the possibility of being closed and stored in very little space.

The car seat

Child safety is very important and, for this reason, the attention paid to car seats is increasingly high. This model, in addition to protecting the little ones and accompanying them as they grow (Group 0 + 1/2/3 from 0 to 36 kg), rotates on itself to allow easier access (and less back pain for parents).

Folding changing table

Today, fortunately, it is not difficult to find changing tables in bars and restaurants, but this option to-go it is not to be underestimated. And not just to hold wipes, diapers and necessarybut it can really save when you need to make an emergency change (the trunk of the car is just the tip of the iceberg).

Contrasting fabric books

The first days are meant for cuddles and taking measurements, but even the little ones grow and, somehow, the hours need to be filled. Black and white fabric books are perfect: they can be put in the mouth and handled without fear. The strong chromatic contrast, then, will help newborns to read the figures and contours more easily from the first weeks of life.

The cotton cover

For the cot, cot or stroller: one thing that should never be missing from the list is one cotton cover (of the color you prefer). With a vintage flavour, this will be an ally for the first cold weather and, perhaps, it will become the sleeping companion of the little ones.

The muslins

They seem like simple cotton sheets, but in reality muslins are the best friends of any parent dealing with a newborn. Made of bamboo, they can be used as a light sheet, placed on the ground for tummy time or as protection in the fateful moment of burping. To be had in 3 or more pieces to always have one on hand or in your bag (also given the xxs size).

The Montessori ball

Games inspired by Maria Montessori’s educational line are increasingly appreciated. Simple and intuitive, they help children discover the world extremely naturally. The same thing goes for this fabric ball which, thanks to the sections that compose it, allows for a simpler and easier grip.

The beauty kit

This kit contains all the first tools dedicated not only to beauty, but to the care of newborns in general. From the hair brushi al thermometer digital up to a mini clipper to shorten the sharp nails of newborns (seeing is believing): all collected in a softly colored clutch bag so you never lose sight of anything.

Ultrasound aerosol

There are those who say it is an entirely Italian custom, there are those who say that it is the solution to all ills. Like it or not, sooner or later theaerosol will come in handy and that to ultrasound it is perfect to include in the birth list. Portable, compact, silent and rechargeable via USB, to give as gifts and treat yourself.

The mirror for the car

When there’s a new addition to the family, the first few car journeys can be scary. And to calm even the most anxious souls, what is needed is this car mirror: it attaches to the headrest of the rear seat and allows you to view the child even when he is positioned rearward facing.

The sleep reducer

It is positioned in the cot, on the sofa but also in the center of the bed: this reducer is useful from the first days because, in addition to keeping the little one in the house safe, it creates a welcoming and cozy space that recalls the mother’s womb. The model we have chosen can also be resized thanks to the drawstring on the bottom. With a couple of gestures it will not only follow the child’s growth, but will also become a comfortable bumper or a mat to spend time on.

The stroller backpack

When you are out and about with little ones it is good to be ready for anything, including a nap. This is why we have included this backpack in the perfect birth list which, in addition to being super roomy, has a thermal pocket and, in case of need, opens and extends becoming a small cot or emergency changing table. Super approved.

The evolutionary chair

First a bouncer, then a high chair and finally a seat for every day. Today, evolutionary chairs are a must and this one, in neutral-toned wood, is not only useful but easily matches different furnishing styles.

The bibs

The bibs? They are never enough, despite the washing machine running 24 hours a day. To be included in the birth list are these, perfect for the little ones because they are made of sponge and muslin (therefore extremely delicate. Also useful for toddlers who, due of the onset of teeth, struggle daily with the management of saliva.And then there is no denying that this bandana style makes them decidedly more attractive than classic bibs.

The bouncer

Without it we cannot go further: it is indispensable recliner. We chose a basic model: no lights, no bright colors or small toys and mobiles. It may seem too simple yet it is one of the most popular because it bounces easily creating pleasant entertainment.

The lightweight stroller

We immediately think of the trio when we talk about strollers for newborns, but the lightweight stroller is fundamental. The Inglesina Quid, in addition to being super compact once folded, has a wide seat (perfect for older children), can be washed without difficulty, has a sun canopy with SPF 50 and the reclining backrest gives the little ones the perfect space for rest.

Source: Vanity Fair

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