owner reported DDoS attack on site

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The website, which aims to support the development of Bitcoin, is under a “massive DDoS attack,” according to the owner of the site under the alias Cobra.

The owner of the site stressed that so far he cannot oppose anything to the attackers. Hackers demand a ransom for stopping the attack, and it is in bitcoins. Cobra wrote on the social network Twitter:

“ is under an extremely massive DDoS attack, with hackers demanding a Bitcoin ransom or they will continue the attack. I haven’t been so insulted for a long time. Ungrateful freaks. Previously, you could do something about most DDoS attacks, but now they just put your site down with no problem. There are no ways, the site is inaccessible and remains until they leave you behind. ”

It’s worth noting that sites like rarely fall victim to DDoS attacks. These are not cryptocurrency exchanges that lose money when the site is unavailable. The resource contains publicly available information about Bitcoin, as well as distributions of Bitcoin Core. In December last year, the site was already subjected to a similar attack, but it stopped within a few hours.

In early July, closed access to the Bitcoin White Paper for UK users. This is due to the lawsuit by Craig Wright, who proclaimed himself the creator of Bitcoin and demanded that the White Paper be removed from the site. After the owners of the resource refused, Wright filed a lawsuit, which satisfied the claim.

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