School, how and when to leave. Veneto is thinking about the end of September

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Scholastically speaking, it seems to relive last summer and this is already dramatic because nobody really wants to think about the third school year marked by Covid. The fear of many is that the same problems will arise again to which no solution was found a year ago: classrooms too small for spacing, crowded means of transport. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi he gave a reassurance: “We are working to open the school face to face, with no ifs and buts”.

The first objective is therefore to forget or at least limit the distance learning. Wheelbases and other failed solutions from the past have been filed away. However, there are many other questions: masks, vaccinations, distancing.

The CTS has already made it clear that the rules will not change. To school you will go with the mask and the desks will be spaced (one meter between the mouth rhymes). There will be the same checks as last year, the staggered entrances, probably also the afternoon shifts and the activation of distance learning in case of positivity within a class, as well as for lack of space since there are not 20 thousand fewer classrooms than needed. It is the scenario faced above all by the high schools and which one would not want to repeat.

This year, however, there is the possibility of vaccination for school staff and for students aged 12 and over. There are 200,000 members of the school staff who have not yet had the vaccine. There is no obligation, “but the problem of the community must be posed, because the country will not start again if there is no sense of collective responsibility which is the very heart of the school,” said Minister Bianchi. There is no obligation for boys either.

The regions have recently published school calendars. It starts between 6 and 20 September. The first is the province of Bolzano, between 13 and 15 most of the regions, Puglia and Calabria on Monday 20 September. We start with not all students vaccinated. The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, who would like to complete the vaccination of the children, hypothesizes a delayed departure. “We made an” open “resolution to move the date,” he explained.

With the latest decree, the government established the capacity of public transport at 80 percent. Therefore, the halving of the bus and metro capacity is no longer, but it could return in the event of an increase in cases. Once again local authorities and prefects will have to define numbers and zone rules in the zone.

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