Bitmask 1.1.7

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Bitmask is a VPN client that uses OpenVPN with automatic configuration. Just enter your account details from any compatible service provider and you’re done.

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By encrypting and securely routing all your network traffic through a Bitmask-compliant service provider, Bitmask can prevent many forms of censorship and surveillance.

FAQ: We are asking for permission to read/write the SD card because we are using a special area on it to store custom providers you have added. If you upgrade to Android 5, you will see that we don’t ask for this permission because this version allows apps to use the dedicated zone for free (because it’s independent of apps).

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Bitmask is an open source VPN client licensed under GPLv3. See

Translations are highly valued in our Transifex project:

If you have problems or want to have advanced versions, please join our chat or file a bug report:

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