Earthquakes in Turkey: Estimates of the dead are scary – “We may reach 20,000”

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Turkey and Syria are living a tragedy in the last hours, with thousands of dead from the devastating earthquakes. Professor of natural disasters Konstantinos Synolakis spoke at MEGA, who made ominous predictions for tens of thousands of dead.

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“The first earthquake is probably the largest known earthquake in the last 100 years in Anatolia. It is compared to the earthquake of 1939. At the moment there is a lot of thinking among the scientific community about whether the second earthquake is an aftershock or a second main earthquake,” he said.

“It is a huge humanitarian crisis. I estimate that we will approach the number of dead that we had in the Nikomedia earthquake in 1999. We may reach 20,000 dead, maybe even more.”

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At least 3,000 houses have fallen in the area, while people are under the ruins of the buildings, as the earthquake found them while they were sleeping.

“Even if you put five people in each building, you get a very difficult and distressing number. We will have tens of thousands of wounded. Perhaps the nearest hospitals will have collapsed. The rescue effort will not be easy at all,” he emphasized.

Source: News Beast

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