The management of the Russian mining company BitRiver announced that the cost of Bitcoin mining in Russia after the halving will remain less than in the United States.

GCEO and founder of BitRiver Igor Runets believes that now the cost of mining one Bitcoin in the Russian Federation is approximately $15,000. According to him, in the United States the price of bitcoin mining averages $23,000. As demand increases and transaction fees increase, the cost of mining in the Russian Federation after halving will reach $24,000, and in the USA – $37,000.

Russian industrial miners have some advantages over Americans, the businessman is sure. The advantages include climatic conditions, a large amount of free capacity, and low prices for electrical energy. To maintain your advantage, you will have to use newer equipment, introduce innovations into production facilities, invest in personnel.

IN BitRiver believes that now the world has all the conditions for the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Previously head of BitRiver said, that in two or three years the Russian Federation may become the leader in mining in terms of the level of use of electricity from associated petroleum gas.