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William, the Middletons and the nanny: managing children with Kate Middleton in hospital

«His desire is to maintain, as much as possible, normality for children». In the note issued by Kensington Palace to announce the hospitalization and surgical operation of Kate Middletona particular passage dedicated to stood out George, Charlotte And Louis. In fact, it is tightening around them too the royal family, precisely in order not to upset his daily routine during the convalescence period of the mother.

How? William he deleted all the work commitments on the agenda in order to be able to dedicate himself entirely to his family: for stay close to Kateof course, but also to continue accompany children to school every morning. An arrangement that will certainly last throughout the two weeks of hospitalization of the Princess of Wales, but in all probability will continue even later, when he is home but will still have it need rest.

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On the other hand, as recalled by the Mirror«William and Kate have always put the well-being of the family at the top of their priorities.” There will be no shortage of people to lend a hand Michael And Carole Middleton, who live a few kilometers from their daughter and could even move from she to be even more present in the management of the grandchildren.

To Adelaide Cottage would find another key character in family harmony, Mary Borrallothe historical nanny of the three little princes, who was hired by William and Kate when the firstborn was only 8 months: therefore, they trust her blindly and will be able to count on her support. Generally speaking, however, all the court staff have already made themselves available to give your best support until the princess gets better.

And grandfather Carlo? He too will be forced to a rest periodbecause next week he will undergo surgery prostate surgery. Therefore a particularly delicate moment home Windsorin which the whole family is ready to join forces.

Source: Vanity Fair

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