“Black” forecasts from the UN on gender equality: It will take 300 years to eliminate discrimination

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His predictions are ominous UN for the field of rights and especially for the gender equalitysince he mentions that it takes about 300 years to eliminate the discrimination and that is if the already existing situation does not change.

Specifically, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) reports that “at the current rate of progress (…) it will take 286 years to fill the gaps in regards to legal protection and the abolition of discrimination».

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Also note that humanity will need to wait up to 140 years “until women are represented on equal terms in positions of power and in leadership positions in the workplace and at least 40 years for their equal representation in national parliaments.

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Today, there are more women and girls identified than ever. More than 1.2 billion women and girls of reproductive age live in countries where abortion restrictions are in place. “It is critical that we come together now to invest in women and girls to accelerate the progress that has been made,” commented Seema Bachus, the executive director of UN Women. “The data unequivocally show the retreat of their rights, in terms of income, security, education, health. The longer we delay in reversing this trend, the higher the cost will be for all of us,” he added.

Source: News Beast

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