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‘Black Panther’ Sequel Has a $330 Million Opening in World Theaters

The Marvel Studios adventure “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is outinu 330 millions in dollars (about 1.7 billion reais) in tickets worldwide at the end in week in debut and established a recordin in box office for november us United States and Canada, according to estimates by the distributor Walt Disney Co this Sunday (13).

THE sequence of success in “Black Panther”, nominated for an Oscar in 2018, took in about in 180 millions in dollars us movie theaters North Americaus in Thursday night through Sunday, the highest total in all the haspost for one debut in movie in November.

The previous record holder for November, the film in 2013 “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” debuted with 158.1 millions in dollars internally.

Outside the North American market, “Wakanda Forever” grossed 150 millions in dollars in Wednesday to Sunday.

The movie was the work in highest grossing for the end in week in all markets, Disney said.

Marvel had to rework the movie insince actor Chadwick Boseman died in cancer in 2020, shortly before filming began.

Boseman played King T’Challa, the beloved liinr from the fictional Wakanda, in the original movie “Black Panther”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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