Blake Lively and the insecurity about “not fitting” to clothes after three children

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Hollywood star and trend setter since the days of Gossip Girl in the role of Serena van der Woodsen, Blake Lively she has never stopped inspiring with her fashion choices, experimenting with silhouettes, colors and styles that are different from each other in every phase of her life including pregnancies: in fact, at the end of 2019, the actress had her third daughter with her husband Ryan Reynolds, showing off both during the sweet wait and a few weeks later some splendid outfits for which, as she has often stated, she rarely lets herself be helped by a stylist.

As wonderful with her baby bump as postpartum, Blake Lively nevertheless wanted to tell her insecurities related to his body your Instagram.

This weekend, the actress published some reflections in her stories about her approach to fashion after three pregnancies, publishing in particular a photo of his interview with The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon dating back a year: for the occasion, Blake Lively wore a Lanvin shirt and a dress purchased on Net-a-Porter, however explaining the difficulties of find something that made her feel good: «Nobody had samples that fit me after giving birth» he explained «And not many clothes from the shops did not fit. The fact that brands have nothing to offer women when their bodies change doesn’t send them a great message. “

An awareness of the need, on the part of the fashion industry, of offer more options even in soft sizes, but also how much in some delicate moments this can lead to feeling “alienated and confused”: clothes can in fact be splendid allies when you want to feel more self-confident, but also gods enemies when you can’t find anything that can enhance your physicality: «That body gave me a baby. And he was producing the entire supply of food for that baby. What a beautiful miracle. But instead of feeling proud, I felt insecure. Simply because I didn’t fit the clothes. How silly he is in retrospect, ”continued Blake Lively. The actress then paid tribute to the founder of the Megababe brand, Katie Sturino, for her determination to “challenge brands to do better, helping women not to feel alone”. After all, every woman deserves to feel beautiful in whatever she wants to wear, regardless of the number on the scale. Because one thing is certain: they are the clothes that should fit women, and not vice versa. In the galley, the most beautiful maternity looks sported by Blake Lively during her three pregnancies.

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