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Bloodbath: Shock murder of 8-year-old twins with machete – Their 18-year-old sister died trying to save them

With one hideous topics the neighbors confronted each other two 8-year-old twins and their 18-year-old sister, at Dublin, when the former met a gruesome death after being attacked with a machete, and their bodies thrown like sacks from the windows. Meanwhile, their 18-year-old sister also fell dead, trying to save them.

The 8-year-old twins Christy and Chelsea Cawley were found dead in their home in the area Rossfield Estate in the Tallaght of Dublin, around 12.30 am. in the early hours of monday. Their 18-year-old sister Lisa Cashwas also killed in the terrifying attack, while their 14-year-old brother -who managed to raise the alarm- he was hospitalized last night.

A img told the Sun about the incident that “It was a bloodbath on the property and the poor children had no hope. The scene was horrific and the three victims suffered a violent death.”

Detectives believe that Lisa was killed first when he tried to stop the maniac from reaching the twins, while o Their 14-year-old brother managed to escape and call for help.

THE 25-year-old suspect – who was arrested at the scene of the crime – was known to the victims, it is understood, with police suspecting the killer turned up at the house uninvited.

The horrific scene witnessed by the police

Armed detectives and members of the special armed support unit arrived on the scene soon after, with ASU officers storming the home seconds after arriving.

After entering the property, they discovered Lisa slumped at the bottom of the stairs. She was found lying under debris from the house that police believe was thrown at her during the attack.

As the police struggled to save the girl, the suspected killer rushed upstairs and drummed his way into the attic. ASU officers then fired rubber bullets, which contain spray to immobilize suspects, and stun grenades into the attic.

The suspect then came out and was tasered as he threatened the officers. He was then arrested before being taken to Tallaght Garda Station for questioning.

The children’s mother was not at the property at the time of the attackbut ran home in a frantic attempt to save her children, the Sun reports.

The twins – along with their older sister – were taken to Children’s Health Ireland in Crumlin Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. The teenager who raised the alarm was taken to Tallaght Hospital with serious injuries, which are not believed to be life-threatening.

The mother of the victims of the heinous crime was also taken to the hospital for treatment, and was later discharged. A Garda officer continues to update her on the progress of the investigation.

The hardened killer is known to the family

One Tallaght resident described how “the police were here within minutes and they were brilliant”.

Speaking to the Sun, he added: ‘It must have been very difficult for them to go into the house and witness such carnage. There was a lot of confusion in the street and the locals thought the perpetrator was armed and holding other children on the property. The young lad who escaped is a hero who managed to escape and raise the alarm. The whole thing is just a nightmare.”

Police said all those involved are believed to be known to each other and officers are not looking for anyone else in connection with the “violent, provocative and traumatic” incident.

THE scene at the Rossfield Estate remains sealed off and a forensic examination is underwaywhile police continue to conduct house-to-house inquiries as they try to establish a motive for the murders shock.

Residents have been stunned by the killings, describing the area as being gripped by an “eerie feeling”.

Source: News Beast

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