Blue Estate: a 5-star artificial island is about to be born in the Caribbean Sea


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In the Caribbean Sea, halfway between Miami and the Bahamas, it is about to rise a new, completely artificial island: it will be called Blue Estate, and it will be the first luxury floating private property in the world. A super-exclusive microcosm, about one and a half million square meters large, more or less half of the Principality of Monaco, which will host 15 thousand inhabitants.

La Blue Estate in fact it was born to be a residential island, dedicated to those who want to live in a place where the sun is guaranteed for 340 days a year and “enjoying unprecedented levels of privacy and security,” as she insists in her presentation Blue Estate (the company that is working on the project, which has the same name as its island).

For this, houses of all kinds have been planned, from studios starting at $ 19,800 to nabob villas that cost over $ 1 billion, also built to withstand the strongest hurricanes. The houses will all be one step away from the sea, and from the many recreational activities and 5-star services that will be made available. Nothing will be missing, come on international schools of all levels (up to high schools), an avant-garde clinic, and then games, green spaces, family gardens, restaurants, trendy clubs, sports centers, even spas (the renderings in the gallery above).

The island will be built in concrete, but from an energy point of view it will be zero impact since yes it will fuel only renewables. Furthermore, Blue Estate will become a hub for research on the oceans, and with several sustainability and recycling projects it aims to also become the greenest community in the world.

The island’s motto is “Freedom, equality and prosperity”, also because it will be a kind of free zone, or in any case a new one offshore tax haven: «The Blue Estate – writes the company – will promote a favorable environment for businesses with zero taxes, minimum regulations and few reporting obligations “. A proposal that, at least on paper, seems particularly appealing to billionaires who are constantly looking for safe havens. But they will have to wait until at least 2025: this is the expected date for the completion of the works of the island of dreams.

Meanwhile, by 2022, off Tahiti should be born Blue Frontiers, another artificial island financed by the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, with the Polynesian government and private investors. 100% sustainable, it will be paid only in cryptocurrency, aims to become a happy island also because – since it will float in international waters – it will be independent of everyone. In the gallery above the first renderings of Blue Estate

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