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Bobby Lee: The price of BTC will rise to $ 300,000, and then a protracted fall will begin

The current bull market could lift bitcoin to $ 300,000, co-founder and ex-CEO of BTCC crypto exchange Bobby Lee said in an interview with CNBC. According to him, this is indicated by the historical data of the price dynamics of the main cryptocurrency. But after the end of the current growth phase, the “bubble” will burst and cryptocurrency quotes may decline for many years, Lee warned. He also expressed confidence that the cost of bitcoin will reach $ 100 thousand in the summer. RBC Crypto writes about this.


“Bitcoin bull market cycles occur every four years, and the current cycle is a big cycle. I think that this summer bitcoin can really grow to $ 100 thousand, “- said Lee.


Previously, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell predicted that in the next 10 years, the value of bitcoin will rise to $ 1 million. According to him, the first cryptocurrency “tends to infinity” as people change attitudes towards it. Now, the main digital coin is seen as an asset that helps to preserve savings and protect them from risks. Powell did not rule out that in the future, humanity will begin to calculate all prices in bitcoins, not dollars.

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