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Spy scandal in Bulgaria. How Moscow recruited a whole family at once and followed NATO

Successful special operation of the Bulgarian special services. The mole was right inside the tallest cabinets! The resident of the Russians tried to escape and hide in the Russian embassy, ​​but did not have time.

Since September 2020, the State National Security Agency has kept a group of six people under a hood, several of whom have had access to top secret documents.

The special services established that the agent network was controlled by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia (GU MO General Staff of the Russian Federation) through residency at the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria.

All six people were detained and arrested by the court. One of the suspects confessed and made a deal with the investigation.

Who was in the group?

The resident of the Russians and the leader of the spy group – Ivan Iliev and his wife, a citizen of Russia and Bulgaria, who spoke tied up and regularly went to the embassy under the guise of working visits.

Her husband Iliev is a former high-ranking officer of the Bulgarian Military Information Service. Until 2016 – one of the leaders of the Bulgarian military intelligence. Graduate of the intelligence school of the GRU of the USSR. Subsequently, he taught the Bulgarian intelligence officers “operational orientation” subjects. A highly respected member of the community.

But, as it turned out, Iliev, on the instructions of the Russian GRU, created an agent network in Bulgaria and recruited officials with access to classified information.

Iliev recruited:

– Petr Petrov, Deputy Head of the Budget and Expenditure Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria, Colonel (access to all purchases of the Ministry of Defense, the main secrets of the country).

During a search in his office, they found documents with a NATO stamp “top secret”. Moreover, Petrov, according to the Bulgarian media, this top official with access to secrets was in very good standing, earlier he was personally awarded by the Minister of Defense and shook his hand!

– Lubomir Medarov, a former diplomat and intelligence officer, a very respected person! Now he is the head of the secret office of the Bulgarian parliament. Many secrets of the country passed through it.

– An active intelligence officer who was responsible for developing measures to counter “hybrid threats and risks”, including from Russia, was also detained. That is, the Russian mole turned out to be a man who seemed to have to oppose Russia! What a surprise!

– Another intelligence officer who was repeatedly part of the Bulgarian military contingents abroad was also detained. An experienced veteran, dear person!

The decision to detain the group was made by the special services when the Russian group could cause irreparable harm to the national interests of the country, when it became impossible to safely follow and lead them.

The arrests took place in the southern quarters of Sofia and Pernik. When one of the members of the group tried to escape, the Ministry of Internal Affairs closed the roads and imposed massive passport controls.

The role of Iliev’s wife is interesting. That is, here is the Russian resident. And here is his wife. Can a wife not know what her husband is doing? In theory, yes. But not in this case. This is the modern “Radio Operator Cat”, who deliberately played the role of a traitor-spy. I went to the embassy. Transferred data. She worked for Russia. The wife of a traitor to the country also turned out to be a traitor! Wow!

As evidence, the country’s authorities published a wiretap on spies, where they discuss working for the Russians and monetary rewards. The husband and wife are discussing where and how the bribes will be kept.

At the same time, Iliev taught his wards espionage skills, constantly trained them to correctly steal the secrets of their country.

Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov said that the Russians were collecting information about projects to modernize the Bulgarian army and transmitting information to Russia.

The spies also collected information about the NATO focal point in Varna (tasks, development plans, funding), information on NATO operations (plans, tasks, funding, results), as well as decisions made in various NATO committees.

The Prime Minister of the country promised to expel Russian diplomats – the curators of the exposed network – in the near future.

Just unbelieveble! Such a group of spies in the heart of the country – in key government bodies with access to secrets.

Everyone considered them decent people, veterans, teachers, colonels, honest wives and husbands. They were given awards, shook hands. But it turned out that they were Russian spies.

Congratulations to the special services of Bulgaria! You must have the courage to look for spies among key individuals. Do not hide your head in the sand, because this is a “respected person”, but do your job. Someone needs to learn.

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