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Boeing pleads guilty to two B-737 MAX8 crashes that killed 346 passengers

  • Boeing is down 1.40% today.
  • The company has reached an agreement with the US authorities and will pay a fine of 243 million dollars.

Boeing reaches agreement with the US Department of Justice and avoids a controversial trial

The aircraft manufacturer agreed to pay a $243.6 million fine and spend at least $455 million over the next three years to improve its safety and regulatory compliance. The company will also have to meet with the families of the passengers killed in the MAX8 crashes.

Another point to consider is the appointment of an independent auditor, whose duties will include preparing an annual report to monitor compliance with regulations.

The formality of this agreement will be filed on July 19 in a federal court in Texas. It should be noted that the agreement does not protect any executives of the company.

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