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Boi Caprichoso: president tells CNN that “exciting” is the objective in Parintins

The president of Caprichoso, Rossy Amoedo, spoke to CNN to talk about expectations and the last preparations of the blue and white ox for the Parintins Festival . For him, the bull's main objective this year is to “make the crowd emotional” during the performances at the Bumbódromo.

Rossy opened the interview by highlighting his experience in conducting artistic events to reinforce Caprichoso's organization for 2024. “I come from an artistic vein,” commented the president, highlighting his experience in events such as Carnival, Pan-American Games and the Olympics.

Rossy reinforces that he tried, in this first year of his presidency at the ox, to ensure a good delivery of projects, to create a favorable environment for artists to be able to develop projects for the Parintins Festival. “This year’s production is ahead of schedule, which provided better conditions for artists and partners.”

Amoedo reports that, for the 2024 Festival, Caprichoso invested in arena structures, with the aim of offering a great show for the public present at the Bumbódromo. “We are focused on creating an even better environment than in 2023,” he said.

Listen to the songs from the album belowCulture, the Triumph of the People ”, which the Capricious Ox will present at the 2024 Parintins Festival:

The Triumph of the People

For 2024, Caprichoso will attempt the three consecutive championships (won in 2022 and 2023) with the album “Culture, the Triumph of the People ”. Rossy highlights the “great” difficulty in choosing a favorite, given the diversity and strength of the themes covered.

“There are tunes that win on the first listen, while others are more thematic, they are very strong, they give you a background that will support the visual aspect of the song. This way, it ends up growing a lot”, explains Amoedo. He mentions “Málúù Dúdú ” It is “Hey, relative ” as everyone strong with the crowd for presentation days.

Regarding expectations for the three nights of the festival, the president highlighted that it is difficult to predict which night will be most prominent, as the planning is for them all to become great moments for the public. “I’m not one to create specific expectations, as the result may surprise,” he said, emphasizing the creative freedom given to ox artists.

Confidence at work

Regarding the presentations, Amoedo expressed confidence in the work carried out since mid-2023, when the organization of presentations for 2024 began.

For Rossy, the expectation is that Caprichoso will surpass last year's show, offering an even more elaborate and better finished ox. “We are working to create fantastic moments that will make people vibrate and get emotional “, he said.

Rossy highlighted the board's commitment to providing a high-quality show that makes cattle lovers proud. “We are working with great respect and responsibility to offer the best to our community and make the blue and white nation proud,” she concluded.

Interviews with presidents of Bois Caprichoso and Garantido

In the final stretch of preparation for the Parintins Festival 2024 The CNN interviewed the presidents of Bois Caprichoso and Garantido to talk about expectations for the event. The interview with Fred Goes, president of Boi-Bumbá Garantido, can be seen here.

Source: CNN Brasil

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