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BoJ: Uncertainty is high around the price outlook – Hajime Takata

Hajime Takata, a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), returns to the fore on Wednesday, expressing his opinion on inflation and refraining from commenting on the value of the exchange rate.

Featured Statements

There is still some distance to reach the inflation target of 2.0%.

The question remains the sustainability of inflation expectations.

No comment on exchange rate levels.

A stronger than expected US economy weighs on currencies.

The price outlook remains uncertain.

Several hard data show a downward deviation of the Chinese economy.

There are also upside risks to the price outlook.

Overseas factors have the biggest impact on currencies.

We will not evaluate currencies by focusing on certain levels.

We have to be prepared to respond flexibly to uncertainty.

What was done in July was a flexible response.

The BoJ’s decision in July to loosen yield controls was part of our risk management.

The easing of yield controls is not the only factor behind the Yen’s weakness.

There is some distance to abandon the policy of negative rates.

The response to negative rate policy should be taken when the economy faces upside risks.

Source: Fx Street

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